Friday, July 31, 2015

The FBI Visit

My sister Dorothy was still living at home with my parents when our brother Chuck called from Drop City, Colorado. He was actively dodging the draft at the time and wanted them to know he was leaving for Bellingham, Washington.

The next day the doorbell rang. Dorothy opened the door to find a guy in aviator sunglasses, a large belt buckle, and boots who asked if her parents were home.

Dorothy called Mom from the kitchen. When she got to the door, he flashed his FBI badge and Mom invited him to come in and sit down. He told her he was looking for her son, Charles, and it was in Charles' best interest that she tell him where he was.

The passionately honest preacher's wife sweetly replied, "I have no idea where he is". She never lost her sweet, innocent demeanor even as Mr. FBI became more hostile and insistent.

After he left, Dorothy looked over at Mom who said, "Well, I know where he WAS and where he WILL BE, but I have no idea where he IS."

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  1. Your Mom is funny and clever! I like her. I wish we got to see Great Granny Winnie more often. Great story.