Wednesday, July 29, 2015

No PIckups

Years ago a factory near Salt Lake City built International Harvester pickup trucks. I was making weekly trips from Iowa to the SF Bay Area at the time. I met a guy during that period named Bill who was making regular trips from Salt Lake to the Bay Area delivering pickup trucks on a car carrier.

One week we were running together west bound on I-80 out of Sacramento talking on the radio when we came to the truck scales at Cordelia. There was a big sign that read "All Trucks Stop At Scales" with a smaller sign below that read "No Pickups".

Bill, running ahead of me, completely forgot to pull into the scales. I pulled in and had to wait behind about 6 trucks before getting weighed. Meanwhile, the CHP wasted no time in blasting out in a patrol car to stop him.

I merged back onto the freeway after clearing the scales and saw Bill about a mile ahead just getting back onto the freeway. I got on the radio and asked him what happened.

He said the cop pulled him over, marched up to his truck, and demanded to know why he hadn't stopped at the scales. The cop said, "Didn't you see the sign that said All Trucks Stop At Scales?".

"I said, yes, I saw that sign, but I also saw that other sign."

"What other sign?", the cop asked.

 "The one that said No Pickups."

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