Monday, May 16, 2016

Wedding Vows

When Lan and I decided to get married, we opted to keep it simple and cheap. After our blood test results came back, we went to the court house and paid $5 for our license.

Once we had our license, we waited upstairs in the judge's antechamber for him to perform our marriage ceremony.  He came out about 4:30pm and said, "I have to listen to losers and their lawyers all day, so I like to perform a few marriages before I go home. It puts me in a much better mood."

When the judge got to the part where he asked Lan to say I do, she started to laugh. As we were leaving the court house I asked her why she laughed when the judge asked her to say I do. She said, "The judge asked if I do, but I did already."

In Vietnamese, du translates to fuck.

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